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Do you want to lose weight?

Has weight loss been a challenge?  For my husband and I, we struggled to lose those final pounds.   That was until we found Govvi.  Govvi wellness not only boosts your metabolism, it also improves focus/concentration as well as reduces your appetite.  This works for us and can work for you.  For more information or to order product, please visit

"Hi, my name is Rob, owner of Celadon Unit 1002.  Its been a while since I updated.  I reached my target goal of 180 pounds and have maintained that weight for several months.  My eating habits have not changed.   My A1C has fallen to below 7 and I have been taken off medication for high glucose.   My pants size has decreased from a 36/38 to a 34.  My large polos are now too large.   Buying smaller clothes is much easier than having put purchase larger sizes.  See for yourself.  click the link above for more information!!!!

Get back to that beach body in no time at all!!!

My subscription customers receive $100 off the regular price for a weekly stay!

Try it today.  If you like it, become a promoter and earn extra income for your next beach trip!  email for more information!




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